What’s the real cost of not having a community?

Customer loyalty used to be critical to companies before lead generation became so easy and “cheap.”But while company ad spend for lead generation is now in the millions, customer loyalty spend is nowhere near that, and this approach is costly to brands on multiple levels. Increased Revenue Acquiring new customers can cost 5x more thanContinue reading “What’s the real cost of not having a community?”

Who do you think you are?!

Even if you’re a one wo/man business or a multi-national, you need a brand persona. You need to know:1. Who your brand would be if it were a person2. Who your customer would be if it were one person3. How you want your brand and your customer to interact. Are they friends, colleagues, business partners,Continue reading “Who do you think you are?!”

How to divide your customers to get more qualified leads

Recently, I’ve had some really interesting discussions with clients who want to generate a large volume of leads. And each of the discussions has boiled down to one phrase, ‘qualified leads.’ A qualified lead is someone who has indicated interest in what your brand has to offer and who is likely to become a customer. SoundsContinue reading “How to divide your customers to get more qualified leads”

Why you can never trust an agency to build your brand and lessons from the mighty Shoe Dog, Nike’s, Phil Knight

CHAI Digital helps companies build impactful digital communities through storytelling. #BuildYourTribe

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