Adaptive Strategies – Putting the social back in social media

This is a term that has been formulating for a number of years now but the recent changes to all mainstream social media algorithms means that companies finally have to sit up and get truly social – or pay the price. Real marketers who know their customer base are welcoming this evolution. They have builtContinue reading “Adaptive Strategies – Putting the social back in social media”

Leveraging your brand – The ROI of Social Media

Social Media Management is a full time commitment to your customers; truly understanding who they are, engaging with and being there for them. It is less about your brand and more about curating conversations with your target market; to bring something special to the table; to be aspirational and a source of inspiration. There isContinue reading “Leveraging your brand – The ROI of Social Media”

The Fashion of Instagram

Rise of the little leaguers: The fact that the phenomena’s of Facebook and Twitter are waning is old news. The trend was most predominant at this year’s Super Bowl where Facebook was down by 65 million posts compared to last year and Twitter down 11.5million tweets. Luckily for Mark Zuckerberg, he owns both Facebook andContinue reading “The Fashion of Instagram”

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