CHAI is the word for tea in many languages. Where CHAI is consumed, authentic conversations are sparked and from these conversations, flourish the ideas that change the world. Communities are created and lasting relationships are built.
From aristocratic tea salons in London to the back streets of Mumbai, CHAI houses are at the heart of the societies they serve.

Our Vision

To bring inspiring stories to the world that create a personal connection and a meaningful dialogue.

Our Mission

To create the personal touch and authentic conversations between brands and their customers. To build engaged and loyal communities where everyone wins.

Our Values

Simplicity: Life does not need to be complicated. We believe in a clear vision and a personal approach to effective communication.

Stories: Storytelling is the most powerful form of human communication. It’s authentic, interesting, and it breaks down barriers. Communities love to engage with brand stories and offer theirs.

Sharing: Knowledge, wisdom, and success can never be diminished by sharing them with others. When you share, people trust you and your value grows.

Innovation: As companies contribute to a better world with new discoveries and technologies, their stories should be told. Creativity is a simple way of communicating complicated things.

What our clients have been saying

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