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  • "Ridiculously talented" is a phrase that comes to mind with Esther. I've had the pleasure of working with Esther for 5+ years during which we built an extremely successful e-commerce brand, with strong, game changing messaging, and brand equity. Now she’s focusing on building communities online wi... Read More
  • Esther knows that building a brand is more than a logo or a website. She looks at the whole picture and understands that a brand is about the people, the experience, and the way someone feels when they come into contact with a business. And Esther brings such enthusiasm about bringing memorable expe... Read More
  • Esther brings with her a true passion for marketing and branding. She is also very disciplined in creating a vision for a brand and then working through each stage of the branding process to make the vision a reality. With our new brand and the communication brief, we are confident that both within ... Read More
  • Esther has superb marketing instincts, has a clear vision and actualizes that vision. Esther takes ownership of the brands she works on by providing a clear set of strategies that she has fully researched and tested and is able to communicate that vision. I highly recommend Esther Ohayon and Chai Di... Read More
  • Esther is a ball of fire- a driven, creative, and competent marketing wizard who will make your brand go BOOM! To know Esther is to instinctively appreciate the value she can bring to your business; to work with her solidifies this awareness. Esther harnesses her contagious energy and bright mind to... Read More

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Create a global community who remain engaged no matter the circumstances.

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Share valuable content that positions you as an authority and influencer in your space. We reach out to make strategic and beneficial connections for you.

How Do We Grow Your Community?


Brand/Target Market Strategy

Reinforce a clear voice and message

Create the brand voice and corporate message. Create an audience persona.


Digital Strategy

Effective platforms for your audiences

Use the strength of each platform, lead generation and sales funnels to achieve company goals. 


Clever Content Creation

Creative, original, dynamic, simple posts

Planning, creating, publishing distributing original content with effective messages


Community Management

Deliver new content daily to your community
Sharing your story in the right place, at the right time, to the right people.


Lead Generation & Enagement

Grab the attention of new clients/ influencers

Create a strong community by responding to messages and reaching out to others 


Weekly Meetings Daily Contact

Strategy, analytics, and content planning

Report successes, identify challenges to achieve your goals

Analyze, Tweak, Learn

An engaged community is essential to your business

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“It’s at least 25% more profitable to retain an existing client than it is to acquire a new one.”

Research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company

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Strategy – How will we get there

Tactics – What exactly do we need to do to get there

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Our Team

Our team has varied skill sets that are anchored in the art of communication. We are passionate about the latest trends and platforms necessary to deliver amazing results. We show up for your communities everyday because that’s what we just love to do!
  • Jian Salazar

    Graphic Designer

    Visual narrator and art solutionist.

  • Zhaneta Gramenova

    Community Builder

    A can-do spirit with solutions to your communication problems.

  • Esther Ohayon

    Director of Marketing & Branding

    Marketing Strategist who ensure your loyal tribe understands your message - and Takes Action!

  • Kat Horsley

    Founder & Chief Community Builder

    Expertise in engagement with a love for increasing value to both companies and customer through customer care and digital platforms

  • Danniemarie Aberilla

    Scheduling & Publishing

    Time Management Master

  • Janelle De Swing

    Engagement Strategist

    Knows your audience and how to get them talking.

  • Glaira Valido

    Graphic Designer

  • <


Building communities is our niche. No matter the industry, as long as your business has a purpose and a vision, we can help you grow your tribe. We help brands evolve and share their voice daily on social media. This results in audience engagement, customer loyalty, and eventually sales.

Reputation Management in Nursing Homes During the Pandemic


During the initial COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, the US government mandated that hospital patients recovering from Covid should be sent to nursing care facilities.This caused an outbreak in the homes and damaged their reputation overnight.

Our Approach

‘‘Pull back the curtain’ and have an honest conversation with the residents, their families, their partners, and the community. Shine a light on all the safety precautions and procedures taken at these facilities. Demonstrate the staff loyalty and commitment to the residents through stories and testimonials, videos and recommend educational resources. Highlight daily life of the staff and residents. Celebrate the achievements and successes supporting the community which the public wouldn’t normally have been aware of.


Families are now reassured, beds are filled, and they are again the trusted facility to send rehab patients, short term respite patients and long term elderly care patients

Fighting the Stigma Around Mental Health Worldwide


Around 20% of the world’s children and adolescents have a mental health condition, with suicide the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. Many mental health conditions can be effectively treated at relatively low cost, yet the gap between people needing care and those with access to care remains substantial. WHO Mental Health Our client is leading the way for mental health in the Middle East by providing world-class support, education and clinical care to as many people as possible.

Our Approach

  1. Create a virtual home for the client online.
  2. Reach out to the community and give them the opportunity to learn and benefit from their licensed world class psychologists and psychiatrists.
  3. Use multiple platforms and various formats of content to effectively package all the elements that make up their brand experience. To provide education, healing, support and inspiration in order to create a world where people can live with optimal health and well being.


With this support, the client is now regarded as the center for mental health and well being in the Middle East. Since their presence online was so consistent they were able to seamlessly move the business online when COVID-19 restrictions rocked the world. They are now fully booked with patients eager to be guided toward wellbeing and recovery.

Uniting Students to Challenge University Tuition Fees – Who Should Pay for COVID-19?


Our client is a leading UK law firm who is building a case to help thousands of UCL students seek fair compensation for the services they have lost due to COVID-19 and teacher’s strikes. In order for the group claim to be taken to court, the firm needs a certain number of students to sign-up.

Our Approach

  1. Communicate with the students daily explaining the claim and why they should join.
  2. Create valuable content that resonates with the students and builds trust.
  3. Answer questions, offer a forum to chat and stress how the students will benefit from the compensation if the law firm wins.
  4. Chai will reach out to influencers to show the legitimacy of the effort.
  5. Chai will promote, support and create content in tandem with all the public relations efforts’.


Chai has created a groundswell of support for the student claim, given the law firm a clear voice on social media, and helped the team reach the number of sign-ups they need to enter stage 2 of bringing the claim to court.

What Happens When You Ignore Your Community?

A dissatisfied customer can literally tell millions of people how annoyed they are
– especially if their rant is entertaining enough to go viral. Just ask United Airlines, after David Carroll’s song, ‘United Breaks Guitars’ hit the airwaves.

A Tailor Made Solution For Your Unique Business Needs


Create a strategy and advise your teams on how to implement it. Ideal for growing companies who want to leverage our expertise and experience.


Ideal for busy professionals who still want to put their own stamp on content but don’t have the time to do it all. Advise and guidance on planning.


We take care of everything. Ideal for companies of any size that want experts to build a community of engaged customers that stay loyal over time.

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