Janet Exampleton


Exampleton Productions

I needed a simple, easy-to-use way to add testimonials to my website and display them. Easy Testimonials Pro did all of that and more!

Shari GiddinsShari GiddinsRavinia Capital LCC

I’ve worked with Esther closely to develop campaigns as a copywriter. She creates the marketing strategy for both online and offline communities and the tactics of how to attract the attention of the customer. She knows how to talk to the e-commerce, retail, and social media communities by keeping the message clear to the consumer in every communication channel.

Dina GoldsteinHebrew with Dina

Chai Digital is everything I could have wished for in my business. They are highly professional and extremely dedicated, sensitive to my needs and true in communicating my spirit and values to the virtual world. And maybe the most important - incredibly nice, war, and caring! Couldn’t recommend highly enough!!

Debbie GarnerDebbie GarnerFemSelect

Esther brings with her a true passion for marketing and branding. She is also very disciplined in creating a vision for a brand and then working through each stage of the branding process to make the vision a reality. With our new brand and the communication brief she created, we are sure that both people within the company and external consultants really understand a consistent message.

Nechama EisenmanKendago B2C Media

Esther is a ball of fire -a driven, creative, and competent marketing wizard who will make your brand go BOOM! To know Esther is to instinictively appreciate the value she can bring to your business; to work with her solidifies this awareness. Esther harnesses her contagious energy and bright mind to revolutionize your brand strategy, and she will not rest until she achieves tremendous results.

We worked closely with Esther and Kat from Chai Digital. Their service is excellent, professional, and the content they provide on social media is very effective in recruiting more followers and new clients. They also reach out to other people and groups for our brand and are very responsive to any questions or comments on our pages.

Miriam IsaacCEO

Esther was responsible for leading all the marketing, branding, and communications for Green Smoke.
I saw her transform the brand from an unknown into a premium product. She was able to hone into a key demographic ensuring a leadership position in the space. She gave us creative freedom and was respectful of the design process, giving designers a voice and platform.

Fran JakubowiczFran JakubowiczSunhouse Marketing

Esther has superb marketing instincts, has a clear vision and actualizes that vision. Esther takes ownership of the brands she works on by providing a clear set of strategies that she has fully researched and tested and is able to communicate that vision. I highly recommend Esther Ohayon and Chai Digital.

Adam ZargarCEO

I have been using Chai Digital and especially the services of the founder, Kat, for years. When you find an agency that cares, that makes you part of their tribe, you don’t let them go. The Chai team just gets me.
They put my brand and my words online. They have helped in my book content and in my many articles. Thanks so much for all you do.

Dr. Saliha AfridiDr. Saliha AfridiThe LightHouse - Center for Wellbeing

Working with Kathryn has been a blessing. Not only is she extremely results oriented, but she is creative, responsive, a top-notch professional, and a partner. I do not feel she is working on ‘some project’ -instead, her level of ownership makes me feel like her and I are partners in developing our digital platforms. HIGHLY recommend her and the Chai Digital team.

Linda LovitchCEO

Chai Digital brought me into the 21st century. When I first met Kat, I was posting simple photos of workshops and wrote what I did there. She guided me in developing a media strategy, how to create various content and reach a wider audience. She is patient, professional and a pure joy to work with. Run, do not walk to grow your business with Chai Digital and this digital media Goddess.

Doron HadarDoron HadarHotelbeds

Esther knows exactly what she needs and knows how to ask for it, even when it’s not a simple goal to achieve. She is constantly asking for more information when it comes to retention and understanding customer behavior.

Gavi ZeitlinCEO

“Ridiculously talented” is a phrase that comes to mind with Esther. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Esther for 5+ years during which be built an extremely successful e-commerce brand, with strong, game-changing messaging, and brand equity.

David BittonDavid BittonOctopai

Chai has an excellent marketing team. They helped us build a solid marketing plan and helped us execute it. They also demonstrated the value that social media plays in our bottom line. We are incredibly pleased.

Chava Jacobs

Esther is the consummate marketing professional and the heart and soul of our brand. She spent years building the brand voice and assets, with much tangible success. She worked with all the teams and grew it from $5 to $30 million. A true success!

Debra Greenstein

Esther has a knack for brand strategy and messaging. She dives into her work with unbridled enthusiasm, producing trendsetting, cutting edge content that yields impactful, successful results

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