Social Media

Imagine your business as a house.
Your paid advertising strategy is getting everyone to your front door.
But with nothing interesting to say, you lose most people out the back door.
We keep people entertained and engaged.

We treat your social media channels as your home.
We welcome people in, show them around, answer their questions, and really connect.
They know they are always welcome to visit.

Have you got the basics right?

Most people are aware of the basics of a great social media community, but time and again, they fail to put them into action. It’s kind of like how personal trainers say, ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet.’ Only once you have your basics aligned can you take your performance to the next level.


  • Have you thought your customer journey through from start to finish?
  • What action are you hoping for your customers to take from your content, activity, and engagement?
  • Once you’ve established your community, what’s the next step? How will you scale, monetize, and grow to out-maneuver the competition?


  • Is your content ‘thumb-stopping?’
  • Get strategic about how you want customers to consume your content.
  • Are you making it as easy as possible for them to share, comment, and buy?
  • Are all the elements of your post supporting your call to action?
  • Action = Sales


  • Creating and posting content is only 40% of building a community.
  • If someone ran up to you at a networking event, screamed their name and ran away – would you speak to them? Don’t be ‘that guy.’
  • Reply, Reach Out, Ask Questions – like a ‘normal’ person.
  • Who is the face of your social strategy?

Imagine the value of a community that knows and loves you, and looks forward to your name showing up on their news feed. That’s powerful.

Let’s build a community together.

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