Strong brands convey feelings and thoughts that the brand wants to conjure up in the minds of their target customer.

The strength of a brand can be measured in the ability of it’s target customer to instantly recall the product or service.

In order to encourage strong relationships with their customers, the brand’s messaging must remain consistent across all platforms.

Brands that manage to stand out from the crowd, while not diluting from the value they bring, can become the most memorable and trusted brands that customers will remain loyal to, even at a premium.


Big Picture

A master plan of your customer experience. Presented consistently across all areas of your business to help build trust and loyalty in your brand.



A brand is the thoughts, feelings, and psychological relationship between a business and their customer.



Consumer recall, organic website search volume, website traffic, and surveys are the analytics used to measure how well the brand has resonated with the target audience.



Building a relationship with your consumer requires consistency, authenticity, and clarity. They must feel heard and need responses as they engage with the brand.



Your brand has a unique design, personality, look, feel, and sound. It is what makes you stand out.

Brand recall is improved with a consistent and ubiquitous logo and tagline, by celebrity endorsements and traditional mass marketing. Social Media keeps the brand top of mind daily, engaging the audience in discussion.

This helps to explain why brands push so much money into sponsorship: by partnering with another global brand they increase their exposure to a wider audience. This includes influencers as well with social media.

If your brand is clear, consistent, and valuable to the audience; no matter where they find you, they will look forward to engaging with you.

Ways to measure the strength of a brand

  • Surveys: Ask existing customers and new customers (inbound leads) how they heard of the brand or if they recall it.
  • Website Traffic: Measuring your website traffic over time can reveal insights into brand awareness, but it’s important you are looking in the right places. The direct search channel in Google Analytics tracks the number of people who typed your URL into their address bar, used a browser bookmark, or clicked a link in an untracked email or offline document. Monitoring this over time will give you an indication of changes in brand awareness.
  • Look at search volume data: Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to check the volume of searches for your brand name, and to track it over time to see if search volumes are increasing.
  • Social Listening: Social listening allows you to listen into online, organic conversations about your brand across social media and the web. Listening to these unsolicited opinions allows you to hear consumer’s thoughts as they are naturally expressed.

If you’re having a retention problem, it could be because your brand is unclear.

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