Five Must Have Videos to Increase Sales

Here are Chai Digital’s five must have video suggestions to increase your sales and educate your customers about your brand. 


  1. How to Videos – Let your customers and partners see your product or service in action. There are many video platforms on the market where you can be featured live on your screen. This way you can actively demonstrate how to use your product or service. Tell your story. Show how it works.
  2. Video in a Blog – By adding a video to your blog, your post your message really comes to life. It demonstrates both the personality of the brand and the author of the blog.
  3. Event Announcement – A video is like a mini commercial and can increase your sales. It gets people excited about what they’ll see and why they should register.
  4. Go Live – A live message is authentic and exciting. So, just turn on your camera when you have a short message to convey, whether it’s breaking news, a special thank you, or an important point to make.
  5. Customer Testimonials – These recorded messages are gold. Encourage your clients to share their story on video. If you can get them to highlight statistics and results of your work together, it really helps to demonstrate your expertise.


These five must have videos are an effective medium to increase sales, present ideas and share content. If customers find the content valuable and it addresses their problems, they are more likely to continue engaging with the brand. Continued engagement breaks down barriers, deals with concerns, answers questions and helps them become more comfortable with the brand. These are usually the building blocks for more sales.

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