Ageism – The Systematic Discrimination of Seniors

There’s another ‘ism’ to be aware of and tackle as a society and it’s called is Ageism.  It’s the systematic discrimination against seniors based on age. Seniors have been highlighted as weak and frail since the Covid pandemic.

That is a big mistake especially when it comes to business.

A few examples of famous Americans who didn’t give into the Ageism narrative and completely ignored discrimination if they faced it are the following senior celebrities. Leslie Stahl of the 40- year running television show “60 Minutes” is 74 years old and Morley Safer, her fellow anchor and the longest serving correspondent retired at age 84. Older adults continue to blaze trails in all aspects of life.

Given the current demographic situation, with populations around the world ageing rapidly, we need to proactively create a new attitude towards senior living.


Seniors are great consumers

Boomers were among the first vaccinated, so potentially they’ll be first out of the gate to finally feel more freedom and actively spend the money they ‘saved’ being locked down for so long.  How is your business preparing for it? 

Marketers should care about this huge demographic. The baby boomers (ages 57-75) who make up 29% of the population in America have a great influence on society. Consumers over age 50 now account for more than half of all U.S. spending and they are buying goods and services regularly.

Healthy Senior

Gray is the new black

Baby boomers still outspend millennials according to VISA 2018. 

Promoting Respect, Health and Vitality

It makes sense for businesses to provide products and services that extend independent living to the elderly and support successful aging.

When seniors can no longer live on their own, they have a wide choice of facilities that will help them live their best life. They will choose the ones that really reach out on all social media channels.

It has been my experience working with nursing home facilities that the staff treat the seniors with the utmost respect and sensitivity. They are patient and value the life experiences these seniors have. They realize that the way seniors are treated directly correlate to their ability to heal, function, and be active.

The families of these seniors are active in their lives and demand the best service for their parents.


A Healthy Senior is Good for Society

Aston Applewhite says, “attitudes towards aging affects how the mind and body works at the cellular level.”

It is imperative that our society ensures seniors maintain their health, wellbeing and are as independent as possible until it is impossible for them to do so.

We must address our attitudes and biases about ageism because we will all be elderly one day and want to be treated with the utmost respect.

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