Being Online Is More Critical Than Ever for Your Business

Did you know that 3.96 billion people use social media today, which accounts for roughly half (51%) of the global population? On average, global internet users spend 144 minutes on social media sites every day. Statisica Jan. 2020

Here are 5 reasons why having a social media presence for your business is critical

1.    Tell Your Story

  • Every day the brand has an opportunity to connect with its consumers and offer content that helps people understand the brand, the products/services and the company.  

2.    Build Relationships and Trust

  • Your customers will let you know what content is valuable for them by the statistics of likes, shares, comments and saves.
  • Customers have a forum to tell the brand what they think and what the brand needs to do to please them. It’s the best marketing research.

3.    Greater Reach and Frequency

  • You can create a robust community that is very targeted and grows globally on the same platform.
  •  Your community opens their ‘door’ to you every day as they are expecting consistent, valuable content that meets their needs.  
  • The brand can reach thousands of people by simply targeting ads to the right audience and leading them to a page to take action.

4.    Variety of Valuable Content 

  • Promoting products or services is much easier on digital. The brand can post a variety of content, in different formats, to see what works best. For example: videos, graphics, stories, testimonials, how to content, statistics, polls, and the list goes on and on.

5.    Call to Action  

  • Buy, Sell, Donate, Sign Up, Follow, etc. Audiences are used to being told what to do next and will do it if the content is creative, appealing and solves an issue that they have.

The more touch points a brand has with its audience, the more loyal the customers will be, pushing the brand ahead of the competition so they can remain agile and resilient in these difficult times. 

Can you add more reasons why having an online presence is critical for business?

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