Who do you think you are?!

Even if you’re a one wo/man business or a multi-national, you need a brand persona.

You need to know:
1. Who your brand would be if it were a person
2. Who your customer would be if it were one person
3. How you want your brand and your customer to interact. Are they friends, colleagues, business partners, maybe they don’t even care to get to know each other – it’s just transactional.

This exercise will *transform* your social communities.
Because people buy from people.

To get started, set yourself half an hour each to create your brand persona and customer persona.
Include these details about the person:
– Name
– Age
– Location
– Education
– Family
– Type of house/car/lifestyle
– Personality
– Likes
– Dislikes
– Hobbies
– Vacation locations
– Needs
– Wants
– Frustrations
– Influences
– Books/Magazines/Podcasts/Music/Social Media – content they consume

They are many more details you can go into, but these are a great place to start.
Just like in offline networking groups, you have to know who you are and who you want to meet – and you have to communicate that to others so they can help you out and send business your way.

People want to support your company; you just have to tell them how!
Time to get intentional. #GrowYourTribe

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