Why is the BMW brand so powerful – and how can you leverage its magic?

The power of strong brands is incredible. They can instantly communicate to a customer what the company stands for and why they should be trusted without making you think too hard.

A brand like BMW has a great reputation because of the way they make us feel and the awesome products they consistently bring to market. Their tagline: “The Ultimate Driving Machine” easily translates, in the minds of driving enthusiasts, as a trusted brand that delivers high-performance, luxury, and state of the art engineering.

If you look ‘under the hood’ the team behind the brand is also celebrated. From the showroom to the service department and everything in between, BMW lives their brand.

Why is the consistency of your brand message so important to the customer?
– It sets the expectations for each interaction with your company.
– Customers presume that a well-established brand will ensure their satisfaction.

Why is the establishment of a strong brand so important to the company?
– Differentiating your company effectively combats price sensitivity.
– Your staff will invest in portraying your values to clients on every interaction.

Not having a strongly branded message leaves customers to fixate on cold comparisons between your offering and the next provider with similar products or services.

Like anything else that is important to get right, you should have a manual to follow.

Establishing your brand begins by defining why you started the company and the vision for the future. This way your organization will be motivated to adopt it.

Do not be defined by the products or services you offer. Define yourself by the values that you want your prospects and customers to know about you when they are considering your offering.

A clear brand is rocket fuel for your business and exponentially increases your chances of success.

Get everyone aligned and heading in the same direction.

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