How to divide your customers to get more qualified leads

Recently, I’ve had some really interesting discussions with clients who want to generate a large volume of leads. And each of the discussions has boiled down to one phrase, ‘qualified leads.’ A qualified lead is someone who has indicated interest in what your brand has to offer and who is likely to become a customer.

Sounds great right, but how do you find these qualified leads, or better yet, how do you get them to come to your site?

Build your advertising campaign around your customer:

Driving traffic to your site and getting user information could be a big waste of time and money if that lead is not looking for what you are selling specifically.

It would be great if that prospective customer knows what you offer before coming to your site with a clear message and a brand that they have come to trust.

Case study:

Ikea is a popular brand that many of us trust because they have clear values.

IKEA’s key brand message is that they offer an attainable, affordable lifestyle.

They have a variety of buyers worldwide and they have done a great job offering them different messages because each buyer segment has a different buying objective. What unites them? They all want a low price with good value.

How to market to different Customers:

I’ve taken the liberty of dividing their customers based on the messages I’ve seen for each group. Much research has gone into understanding these groups and their buying behavior, but those details are proprietary. These are good examples.

Home-owner – Furnish your entire house. They have it, you can build it, and it is custom to your needs.

Landlord or Airbnb owner – Sturdy furniture that is affordable and will wear well over time.

Offices – Fashionable, Sturdy, sleek, basic, and comfortable

Schools, Institutions – Sturdy, basic, durable, and safe

As you can see the message needs to be tailored to the person/group that you are talking to, so they identify with your product/service on a personal level and see ‘what’s in it for them.’ 

IKEA’s success is base on a strong brand that everyone relates to, but they engage with different customers with different messages, landing pages, social media, etc. Each customer is made to feel like they are talking directly to them.

Winning Formula

Strong Brand + Specific Message + Qualified Lead + Engagement = A winning Campaign


Now it’s your turn.

Before creating another piece of marketing material, make sure you understand your customer. You can do this by answering these questions:

– What is the age, gender, location, and education level of your customer?
– What level of service do they require?
– What is most important to them when buying from you?
– Cost, function, style?
– Is there another competitor offering similar products?
– Where does this customer get their information?
– What kind of guarantees do they need to do business with you?

Imagine that your campaign was laser-focused on their requirements and you were able to fulfill them with your products.

If you would like some more tips on how to tighten your ad messages and increase your customer conversion rates, feel free to get in contact.

by Esther Ohayon, Marketing Director, Chai Digital

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