How to stay connected with your customers during this time

‘Smooth seas do not make for skilled sailors.’

Too right. And after this weather, we’re all going to be certifiable salty sea dogs.

Bring on the peg legs and parrots – we’re going full steam ahead.

We can see the dark clouds gathering, but we can also see the silver linings and a beautiful sunrise on the horizon. So how do we stay on course until we reach land?

As captains of our ships, we need to make sure our crews are united and that we’re scouring the map daily for possible new routes to paradise island.

So, here are some routes you can consider:

1. Think laterally

Ok, so your business may be wedding makeup or massages, and yes those are both obviously a no-go right now, but what skills do you know that you could share online? We know a brilliant physiotherapist who recognizes that their clients are still struggling with physical pain regardless of the current situation, and they are reaching out via Zoom to help them do self-physio. Absolutely, these clients are going to come back to the clinic once things return to normal, but the team are providing them with pain relief, support and connection during this time.

You could:
– Host a Q&A
– Go live with someone in your audience and interview them
– Showcase and explain your products or services
– Teach your audience how to do something

2. Communicate clearly and consistently

Let customers know that you are still open for business and outline the measures that you are taking to operate safely during this time.  Make the information/systems as simple as possible for them to understand and to share with others.

3. Ask & give help/support

While there are many people who are really struggling financially during this time, there are people who have the resources to continue purchasing, and who want to help. Let them know how they can.  There may also be other non-financial ways they can assist your business, like helping you to set up a landing page online to reach more people or lowering your delivery costs. Also, be proactive and ask yourself, how could my skills be of use to someone else? Let’s support each other.

4. Sell gift cards

There are lots of holidays happening at the moment and your business could provide the perfect gift. You can even sell gift cards that people can redeem when everything returns to normal. Like, I would love to receive a gift card for a manicure – I’ll never take that experience for granted ever again! Make people feel special, we all need some extra cheer at this time.

5. Express gratitude

Keep it simple and keep it authentic. Share your story about this time and what you have to be grateful for. This is a good activity to do with your entire team – you may learn a lot about them that you didn’t know.

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