How to Win at Social

There is one simple rule to winning at social media – be authentic.

Now, I can see many of you nodding your head and thinking, well yeah obviously… but if you take a second and think about what that rule actually means, you will realise that there are very few companies who run a consistently authentic social media strategy.

This is because most companies are so busy selling and making sure the revenue is coming in, that they forget to pay attention to the long game.  They look at short term wins and leave little time for defining the company’s brand so that it can be succinctly articulated across all company touch points, on a daily basis.

And especially as a company grows, and the marketing team becomes increasingly distant from the founder, the team may be able to articulate what the company does, but they will struggle to communicate WHY.  And, why is the most important, because when people can align with that emotional sentiment they become loyal advocates.

Lastly, many company’s view social media as the sole realm of ‘The Social Media Executive’, or even an intern – It is a role that they syphon off to someone with little experience in the industry or the company itself, and expect great results.  Social Media is an extension of every single employee that works for the company.  It’s like being in a room full of prospects, all day, every day, with opportunities continuously lying at your fingertips.

Many ‘Old Skool’ business people often say that they prefer traditional ways of meeting contacts, face-to-face.  Social media is not supposed to replace face-to-face interactions, but make the process a whole lot more efficient.  You couldn’t just walk out of your office and onto the street today to find someone relevant to speak to, but you can just log-in to your social media and find someone to have coffee with.  The more time you invest in your social media strategy, the more valuable that community of people will be.

Stop posting random content, get #Savvy!

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