CBL Episode 1 – Welcome To The CHAI Podcast


Hi guys and welcome to the first episode of the CHAI Business Lifestyle podcast! We are super excited to start this journey and to discover the secret to healthy business!

Anybody who has ever run their own business, already understands how difficult it can be on that entrepreneurial journey.  It is adrenaline packed, but can also be quite extreme, trying to juggle work, home and inner relationships.   Well, with a little knowledge and a little support, you need not put yourself or your business through that pain.  And it can actually be an enjoyable process that you can gain value both in business and in home life.  There doesn’t need to be that payoff or that burnout.  You don’t need to wait 5 years of having no sleep, and no social life before you can actually start making money, there is an alternative.

So, let’s talk a bit about CHAI, what is CHAI, what is our special CHAI Blend as it were?

CHAI is actually the word for tea in many languages, as I’m sure many of you know and the name stems from our belief; well firstly that a good cup of tea will solve anything, but also that each person has that organic style, that flavour, that magic blend that works for them, that can be their go to at the end of a long day, that can be their solution.  So, that is what we are trying to look for. The same thing is not going to work for everyone, it’s about what works for you.

We built CHAI into a successful marketing consultancy over many years and we’ve actually traveled a lot at the same time, so we’ve really experienced first-hand the difficulties of balancing work and down time.  Especially with the wonders of a smartphone in hand, it is both a productivity goldmine and a black hole. It’s a fantastic productivity device if used properly, but also it can mean that you can never get away from work, you are always contactable.  It’s all about being intentional, setting boundaries and expectations.  We learn new lessons every day and we wanted to see how we could help other businesses avoid the same pitfalls, but we also wanted to hear what you can teach us! We are passionate about backing businesses and individuals who have a mission to make a positive difference to their overall wellbeing.

We learn these new lessons every day and we wanted to share with you what we have learned, but also we wanted to hear what you’ve found, what you’ve discovered.  The best way is to learn from each other, from people who have done it before, that is the quickest way to learn, rather than all having to make the same mistakes. We are passionate about backing businesses and individuals who have a mission to make a positive difference to their overall wellbeing.  They don’t just see business as a way to make a profit, but they see it as a way to have a better life.  And not just for themselves, but for others.  It’s a real  community effort.

Our community is all about building healthy and sustainable business lifestyles by focusing on both business and personal wellbeing.  If you have a look on our website, you will see that the sections are divided into both business and lifestyle, but there are actually so many cross-overs between both of them.  So, you can actually access those extensive resources on the website about how to grow your business with digital marketing, but also, you can access valuable information on how to supercharge your productivity, your mind & body. And for those of you who love traveling, there are lots of productivity hacks for traveling, but also loads of stories from on the road and how to continue your success habits while you’re out exploring.  How you can form those healthy habits, long after the initial motivation has gone.  You should be able to develop a lifestyle that you actually enjoy, with great mental clarity and a feeling that everything is achievable.

So, make sure you tune in every week and also connect with us through our social media channels to tell us your secret to healthy business. Take care guys, have a great day!



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