Leveraging your brand – The ROI of Social Media

Social Media Management is a full time commitment to your customers; truly understanding who they are, engaging with and being there for them. It is less about your brand and more about curating conversations with your target market; to bring something special to the table; to be aspirational and a source of inspiration.

There is no quick solution to growing an organic tribe and why would you want there to be; your business is going to be around for many years and you want to be speaking with real customers who will purchase your products and more importantly be brand advocates, to scale your efforts and sales.

I work with companies to help them understand who their customer is.  Many companies are still not specific about who they are selling too or feel their audience is everyone. Even McDonalds can not say that everyone is their client!


Once you know your ideal customer like your own child you can understand which social media channels your customer will be on, the content your customer wants to see, the language and tone your customer communicates with, your customers lifestyle and opportunities for cross-selling.

Monkey know your customer

Posting original, quality content is only 10% of social media management, it is the time you take to immerse yourself in your customers lives, like their pictures, leave relevant comments, celebrate with them, make suggestions; this is where you gain trust, a following and sales.

And lastly, metrics! If you are not monitoring your social media, you are not doing anything, you are flying blind, you might as well delete your accounts.


All of the major platforms have inbuilt, detailed analytics for you to drill down through the data and discover how to tweak your social media to realise your ROI.


More than just pretty pictures:
– Understand customer/product
– Research current website/social media/sales funnel/advertising/customer journey
– Discuss the clients expectations, goals, objectives, KPIs
– Plan a 6 month/year outline with a focused strategy supported by goals, objectives, KPIs. Detailed keywords/hashtag research.

– Create a two week, pre-approved schedule of images, text and posting time.
– Implement, engage, analyse metrics, adjust, repeat.

If this all seems like an awful lot of work, contact us we’ve got it under control.

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