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What happened to customer loyalty?

Companies are starting to rely too heavily on Facebook and Google advertising alone. Perhaps they feel it’s easier than doing the hard work of building a community.

We all know, it’s the hard work that brings the greatest rewards. Engaged communities unlock hidden value that will directly benefit your customers and your company. Benefits like sales, referrals, suggestions and support for new products or extensions.

Customer Loyalty

Customers who are part of a loyal community feel heard and understood and get their needs addressed. They get the service expected, while being inspired, educated and entertained. Engaged customers feel involved and get rewards and perks that delight them.

Companies benefit from customer loyalty because loyal customers buy exclusively from them, and they buy more. Loyal customers mean more endorsements and brand ambassadors. They are great early adopters, beta testers and sounding boards. Brand followers will relay constructive criticism and make companies aware of changing trends. Plus, basic economics, it’s at least 25% more profitable to retain an existing client than it is to acquire a new one.

Lead Generation

Lead campaigns are important to get people to your front door – but how do you make sure they stick around? Customers are become increasingly fatigued by ads, and soon, that lead generation strategy won’t seem ‘so easy.’ The companies who will succeed, are the ones that took the time to care about the people they serve and build long-term communities. #GrowYourTribe

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.

Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company.

Communities Matter

Engagement Metrics

Engagement can be measured by surveys, website traffic, search volume data, and social listening. These active communities result in referrals, loyalty, ambassadorship. They support new products and share their discovery. A happy customer is your advocate.

A dissatisfied customer can literally tell millions of people how annoyed they are – especially if their rant is entertaining enough to go viral. Just ask United Airlines, after David Carroll’s song, ‘United Breaks Guitars’ hit the airwaves.

Few people have the knowledge, strategy, patience, and perseverance to show up every day and produce thumb-stopping content that resonates with your customer.

It is certainly not an easy task but luckily, we love to do it.

Building Engagement is Customer Success

Our specialty is helping businesses to clarify their message and build communities where people feel heard and want to engage.

Our Packages


Create a strategy and advise your teams on how to implement it. Ideal for growing companies who want to leverage our expertise and experience.


On hand to advise and save you time. Ideal for busy professionals who still want to put their own stamp on content but don’t have the time to do it all.


We take care of everything. Ideal for companies of any size that want experts to build a community of engaged customers that stay loyal over time.

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